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Today's FridayFugly is what happens when one is insufficiently imaginative. I wasn't crazy about the focal and positively loathed the color combination of the beads provided in the kit. The result—blech.

This is sad, because so often being forced to work outside one's comfort zone often leads to new, fresh variations; but sometimes, the will just ain't there. However, this ancient (from 2008) post, with the equally elderly intro, at least allows me to collect all the bracelet pages together.


Well, gee, my french beaded flower index seems to have gotten lost, so I'm reposting it today. <—I wrote this about six years ago, but the statement is still true...



And here's part II of the long-lost six-years-old heart-shaped tut...which I actually only finished writing 13apr14:) (Man, I'm like two weeks ahead on these blog posts, an all time record. Too tired/frustrated/slightly ill to actually make art...)

I like Mandolin's writing on Amp's blog, but her sf&f (admittedly only one short story comes to mind) didn't do much for me—not to say the story wasn't well-written or that it didn't follow through to its logical conclusion, just that I like this old-fashioned stuff except with feminist ideals, and the two often don't play nicely together. In fact I find links to online sf all the time, not just Mandolin's recces, but others as well; and usually the taste the present doesn't get me to, as they exhort, ‘keep reading’.



Heart shaped leaf pattern. I started this page, complete with intro, just about a month shy of six years ago. It's nice to finally get it posted.


Today's post has only been sitting in the queue a year and a half—hardly late at all!

And with this flower, I have posted all the finished french-beaded flower posts, so far as I know, with an index page coming up tomorrow. Thursday. We get a leaf tut inbetween:)



Today's bead is not so much a fugly as a failure, as I explain in the post which collects all the pages tagged 2013 together—this allowed me to move last year's beads off the main glassbead page. Unfortunately the site doesn't allow ‘and’ tagging (i.e. 2013 and glassbeads) so there's lot of gardening stuff mixed in. Yes, I could make 2013glassbead tags, but besides cluttering up the tags page it seems to me to defeat the purpose of tagging. Someday, the wizard will write code that allows more specific tagging...in the meantime, the site is slightly broken (such imperfection is sort of a given, at least for active websites.)

For that matter, society is broken. Anything human is.

But while I was trying to find more about the heartbleed bug, I clicked on Randall Monroe's blog and discovered a fascinating series of posts about naming conventions; and what they say about race in the US. The author, who trawls baby naming to extract info about trends (in much the same way languagelog trawls the internet for data), unearthed the latest in a long line of racist stories about AAVE-style names.


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