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cropI hardly looked at the internet at all today! yesterday —Which basically means I only visited, like, 50–75 sites/links...? Jeez. This is embarrassing. (And means my ‘Throwback Thursday’ is showing up on a Friday. But hey, it's a friday-fantastic, instead of friday-fugly, cuz I get my shot today, yay:)

A friend and I have been wrestling with how we—for lack of a better term, sorry— conceptualize the ways in which memory, behaviour and trauma interact, and to that end I sent him a link about a woman's efforts to deal with the ways her interior and online lives had diverged after she called off a wedding—and the nearly decade long relationship it was to cement.



cropIt's always kinda embarrassing (to me, anyway) to finish a page & then fail on the intro, because that's very much a tail-wagging-the-dog situation, but that's exactly what happened yesterday. But hey, I did kettlebell with my friend, and yes, my arthritic knee felt better afterwards, and then I tried the heating pad on it before going to bed, so yeah, this dude's doctor's recces (for which the teal deer is basically, keep moving! It really is better for you! —which I shoulda figured out on my own, it's not like my bobbin lacemaking teacher well over a quarter century ago didn't note how her elderly students’ arthritic hands felt better after taking up the gentle twist & cross movements of the craft...that said, I do find when it gets bad from over-exercising that a week off helps to reset; but it also explains why some runners pop anti-inflammatories like candy, it's the inflammation that's causing the pain.)



cropI have been editing those little brush and ink sketches and a bunch of them will appear in due course, but I wanted to preserve this recipe (or at least approach) before I forgot it—I don't think it's especially earth-shattering or original, though I expect the popular version is for pineapple, not oranges, but they're similar in composition and sour/sweet profile, so the technique works for either.

So here we go, how (I) roast fruit.


cropI actually created this intro almost exactly 8 years ago, when I was briefly obsessed with zentangles, I think possibly because my neighbor Patricia B was interested in them? At any rate, I spent most of 3Apr2013 reading up on them, made this intro the following day of some of my faves—which, amazingly enough are still live links—aaaaand concluded ‘zentangle’ was basically a slickly packaged version of doodling and left it at that.

So here are some ancient zentangle linkies:



cropHappy April Fool's, if that's your sort of thang (it's not mine, yet more evidence, I guess, that I'm not normal, or as they say nowadays, neurotypical. I'd forgotten, how common it used to be, for me simply to say, ‘I'm not normal’, as a sort of badge, and leave it at that. The new word may be longer, but it's also a lot more precise, and, I think kinder to the NTs as well, who no longer are automatically castigated as “boring” [the implied flip side of being “normal”].)

But the real reason I slotted today's last-minute page in (besides the fact that my knee hurts so I can't go hiking, so I have more time to waste procrastinate spend on web pages) is that yesterday was trans day of visibility and I was bummed I missed it—even though I had it right in my list of things to do to blog over! Rats.



cropWhoops! sorry about the glitch in the link. Fixed now. (Plus I forgot today was trans visibility day...)

O hai, slowly working through the pile of obligations, so I'm rewarding myself with a break to make a web page; and while doing some of the bits that weren't word heavy, I listened to a couple of episodes of Sway —in the first the host, Kara Swisher, interviewed Glennon Doyle who started out being a ...Christian Family blogger, then pivotted after falling in love another woman. This woman is seriously feminist, so I appreciated that; another was her decided pushing back on the ‘failure’ of her first marriage: yes, she said, it ended, but both she and her spouse grew and were better people at the end of it. Plus, 3 kick-ass kids.


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