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Sord & Sworcery, A Science Fiction & Fantasy APA
We Want You !

Started over a decade ago by Heather Bruton and Marg Baskin, who will of course be known to all of you on the con scene, Sord & Sworcery is still published 4x/year. They've moved on to other things, but their creation lives on, and its deadlines are still the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Update, 12jan2020: S&S ceased publication around September of 2011 with issue 84.

This is a rather laid back apa, which may be one reason it's passed 40 issues; everyone is very friendly. People still contribute art and fiction, mostly short stories, (some of them admittedly rather long short stories) in roughly equal proportions. Yours truly, who edits it–which is to say, I collate the tribs & mail the assembled apa back out again–switches back and forth between drawing and writing. We quite often have 4-color front covers. The minac, or minimum activity, is still one page per month; or put another way, participants are expected to have six pages of original material at least every other issue, plus mailing comments.

A few things have changed since Marg and Heather's day. Since I don't have a comb binding machine, the apa is currently sent loose; and even our most self-professed luddite and long time apa member has finally switched from her trusty typewriter to a word processor. Some of the members email their tribs for me to print out, which I vastly prefer to lugging originals to the copy shop.

We're looking for members. If you think you would enjoy exposing your sf&f art or writing to a group of like-minded people, email me. Though all our current members are American, the only real downside from living outside the US is that your postage will be a good deal higher. Unfortunately, most of us are boringly monolingual, so English is a requirement Members range from beginners to published. Dues run about $4 an issue (to cover postage), plus the cost of making up the tribs and mailing them to me. Art shown on this page has been generously provided by Joel T. Keener, who also draws many of our covers (bless the man!)

An Odan Myth by Deborah Brown, APA member & Lynn Ann Guiney.

Oh, and what does APA stand for? Thought you'd never ask: Amateur Publishing Association. (Some other common apa abbreviations: LOC Letters of Comment/Mailing Comments; ryct regarding your comments)

12jan2020: changed apa to more-general fantasy tag, marked defunct.