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Green, B&W `Fugly'
A beautiful beast

This is a custom bead strand, mixing opaque and transparent beads. The designs of the main two sequences (i.e. the two rightmost, featuring black & white focals) are based on the customer's design. He selected some more beads to fill out the piece, which I then strung.

Custom bead strand. Glass, beadalon, sterling silver. Completed 17nov13. Approx 29" long. Largest bead, 9x26x27 (thickness x height x width) Shot with the lensbaby, cuz that's what was on the camera, and I am la-la-lazy.

The black and white dotted beads sprinkled throughout were supposed to be the start of the Heather Trimlett dot challenge, but I didn't get very far with that! However, the beads have obviously been put to good use;) So far as the green goes, I've kind of been on a small-bead green kick, so I had plenty of that lying around too. Altogether a satisfying piece: I would never put such obvious orphans as the black and white twistie[1] into a bead curtain strand, but its unusual design really pops it from the background of more conventionally shaped rounds.

This is why collaborating with customers can be so much fun.

[1]Ok, fugly...


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