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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
The birds and the bees
beadcurtain strand with antennae

I don't actually recall what order I strung these 5 18" beadcurtain strands, but this one's rather unusual ‘antenna’ design element came directly out of my struggle to get a heavy pendant designed to hand down to lie sideways. —I was rather amused by the excess tigertail sticking out, and asked the client if he wanted me to remove it.

beadcurtain strand: boro pendant by frances ross, sodalime beads including 3 birdies as well as some opaque bullseye, swarovski key, beadalon, seed beads. 2015

As it happens he was amused too, so I incorporated it. This sort of thing is generally considered ‘working with your medium, rather than fighting against it’. If you look closely, you can see three birds stacked atop each other for the top part of the design, hence the title of the page.