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Blue and Black Necklace
Hmm, I still have blue and black beads left...

This necklace continues to use techniques (and beads!) from the peyote class. Up to this point I had used a technique Gail calls “color blocking” –what I think of as “patching” to move from one color to the next. I wondered if I could use a more subtle transition, and therefore experimented with the blending or “speckling”, which is most obvious on the left side of the center, above the white fringe.

I like the effect, but it's more suited for large areas of transition, so I reverted to the color blocking for smaller areas, such as the sides. I also continued to experiment with some sculptural effects, and fringing: note twisted black fringe and coiled peyote (white with blue edging, just to the right of the white fringe).

Materials and techniques: glass, nylon, button; peyote stitch, fringing techniques.