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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Ramping up:
I increase the size and scope

I'm guessing the desire to clean out my purple tin of bead soup helped drive the color choices for this piece. The last piece went well, so I used a larger hoop for this one.

fancy mixed jasper, amethyst, bluelace agate, pearls, moonstone, fluorite, rose quartz cloisonne, swarovki, vintage and artisan glass, seed and bugle beads, silver (and probably one or two plastic beads masquerading as pearls) sewn with nylon thread on tan denim. 5.5 inches across. 2012?

It should be noted that because of the large number of transparent beads I use in these projects, I tend to choose relatively neutral background fabrics; this is cut from pants belonging to the wizard, which, being cotton (because the wizard's spouse can't abide synthetic fabrics) tend to wear unevenly—so I harvest the unworn parts. It's a good sturdy base for the heavy embroidery.

The kitty makes a reappearance (with one fish) but the color scheme is more diffuse, being sort of a 3 armed spiral of darker hues filled in with lighter. Most of the artisan beads are again stripeys, but there's one small abstract, with palladium leaf.

I was so happy with the piece that I started on another large piece, again on the same tan fabric.