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Failed Zipper
but it's failed in purple and green!

I made the appliqued fabric for this a number of years ago, probably in 2009, but it sat until I decided to use it to practice inserting zippers. This is the piece in which I learned not to stitch to close to the zipper teeth. It's useable, sort of; I keep a necklace I wear very seldom in it.

4 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches. photographed 14sep15

The embroidery consists of some brocaded ribbon scraps, other ribbon, assorted fabrics, and hand and machine embroidery, the latter with some purple and green variegated thread. I gather I have the quilters to thank for that stuff. Thank you quilters.

Other side

The bead embroidery really isn't that different in technique from my current work, excepting I'm doing ‘all-over’ speckling, rather than confining it to a particular region/fabric. Also, I'm finding the detached hand embroidery stitches seem to work better, as they read as individual components, like the beads.

showing interior of hand-dyed fabric.

I think the colours are pretty,[1] and my heart was in the right place; but it's not at all surprising I abandoned the piece until I needed something to practice zippers on.

[1]At one time, I actually had a ‘purple and green’ tag for this blog. That's how common that colour combo is.