from beads

These iced ‘sugar cookies’ are among my faves, for a couple of reasons: one is that the icing softens the cookie, providing a pleasing contrast to the cinnamon red hots (on which I always put lots for the ones I'm gonna eat) but another is that they allow for some decorative elements.

sugar cookies, made around mid Dec 2013. Actually f2tE did work of the making the dough, rolling out and baking, for which my profound thanks.

In this case, the design comes directly from this lot of Christmasy beads I made a year ago. I only had this dark maroon, instead of bright red food dye, but the green sugar substituted perfectly for the transparent green thompson enamels, and the red hots for the spots.

I made them stars and bells and xmas trees too, but the rounds obviously evoke the original beads the best.

The biggest diff in design is that I raked these; and I was very pleased the color didn't effluoresce or blur, as it sometimes does. I was so happy with this design I basically made them all alike, something I've never done before.