Aurae and Aether
or some random Double Helix clear, anyway...

The first lot is DH mystery CLC[1] that I had lying around, and which as you can especially see on mandrels with two beads made from the same glass turned to gross blah (a term of art from my colour theory class;) when over-reduced.

cropped to 1000 pixels, because ugh, the photography is just as fugly as the beads...

The 2nd photo documents three sets of aurae scraps, #3 being much darker in the rod than the other two, with various levels of reduction:

purple DH rods; the first two were (labelled) aurae—I'm calling the third the same, because it's also purple.

Frances, of course, managed to get elpis (pale green) to strike a lovely reflective gold, but that's a post for another time.

[1]Ok, mebbe that amber bead was some sort of DH triple passion equiv...?