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Winter Milkweed Pod
with snow. Cuz it's cold out there.

Brr, it's cold.

Milkweed pod. 1/400 sec, f4, 1-2/3 plus EV (using matrix metering), custom white balance; zuiko macro, e-620 olympus body. Further lightened (& cropped) in gimp

I actually took this on 6th Jan, but it was pretty cold then, as I recall: my fingers were approaching frostbite in the very short period I was outside shooting this. Though everyone is bemoaning how cold it is, such cold spells used, until two decades ago, to be pretty common; we've just forgotten, in the steadily increasing temps brought on by global warming, about this sort of cold.

Something tells me that even though I wrapped my hydrangea in burlap, I won't be getting any blooms from it this year, either.