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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
blue & violet

This first image is not from my garden, but taken from a church driveway/parking lot that borders the back of a property that has gifted me with the opportunity to photograph & sketch many beautiful flowers, up very close:) I took the picture because I thought I had spotted some rare, purple siberian squill. Obviously these are not squill, though they're roughly the same size, have six-petaled bell shaped flowers and are a similar colour.

photograped march2020, some minor image editing with curves tools. Click for the sharp, full-size version

I think chionodoxa are particularly pretty as lawn flowers, with all those delightful white eyes; however, I have only a few, sparse patches, which I'm therefore loathe to move. Here's one from my own garden, albeit without the enchanting water drops or the unusually deep colour:

Chionodoxia. 5plusT cell phone camera, 03apr2020 f1.7, 1/100 sec


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