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Crayola yellow

I love the rich deep crayola orange-yellow of this particular daylily cultivar. It too came from my friend Anne S. None of the photos have any colour adjustments (just some cropping).


The image below was actually taken in 2019 (in fact originally this post only had pix from 2019).

/LumixDMC-LX100/2019LX100/20190811LX/P1130059.JPG approximately 14:00 hours 6aug2019, 1/160sec, 0.0ev, Cloudy WB.

Note that the shot below, subbed in to replace the top original one,[1] shows a more ‘triangular’ aspect to the flower's shape: while visually dramatic from a distance, (and showing off that luscious hue) I do miss the extravagantly curled petals of the the species.

7:42a, 1/500, f1.7 cloudy WB, 0.0 ev; LumixDMC-LX100/2020LX100/20200719LX/P1150142crop.JPG

You would think the spider cultivars would emphasize that curliness, but they're bred if anything to have even more stiffly stick-out projecting petals, albeit with rippling edges. If I were breeding daylilies, I'd try to get some with petals that made perfect circles from the side view;)

[1]which is still the thumb for the page's intro, and which I really like because of its trillium like aspect, except that the stamens are slightly out of focus, grrr!


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