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Bokeh and Bulbs
or, I love-love-love the blur

I don't normally like shots with lighting this harsh, but with enough bokeh, even that can work;) If today's page has a theme, it's that I wasn't really sure what would be my ‘best’ efforts till I loaded ’em up on the big monitor.

rock iris, 1/4000sec, f1.7 -0.3ev iso200, LX100. JPG out of the box[1] 20mar21.

With puberty came nearsightedness, and possibly because I spent the first decade, (or possibly two or three) avoiding wearing glasses whenever possible, in a very real sense I grew to adulthood in a bokeh world: it certainly cuts down on distractions. My spouse used to ask me how I could stand not to have stuff in the distance out of focus like that, and since I've taken to wearing glasses pretty consistently—say the last two decades or so—I now understand his bafflement.

1/160 sec iso 200 f1.7 ev +0.3 lumix lx 100, .jpg out of camera. 20mar2021

But there's a real beauty in blur, and it certainly directs the eye to the focal point. Usually. This picture was me futzing around because of the weird frost on the snowdrop leaves—basically, an accident that I discovered when reviewing the images a week later.

I mark (a few) of my bulbs with bent mandrels that have balled glass on the ends, and in the past few years have sometimes even depicted which flower, as here. I ought to be making more for snowdrops, before they lose all evidence of their flowers, now gone, and the leaves become indistinguishable from other sorts of bulbs.

But for now, I'll just enjoy this serendipity.

[1]cuz I still have no idea how to process RAWs...