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Spring Beauty
the crocus, not the wildflower

Pickwick is my favourite crocus, but when I spotted this other purple and white striped variety, I got some of them too. (And most didn't survive.) But, of course, then I forgot what they were. I have three or four clumps ranging from a single flower to this, the largest grouping:

ICLE-7C, tamron 70–180mm telephoto, 180mm, f/5.0, ev 0, 1/200s, ISO 100, WB cloudy, approx 11:13 13apr22. Cropped, color adjusted.

After a bit of searching online, I identified these as Spring Beauty, a cultivar of Crocus minimus, which explains why, unlike the pickwicks that range from barely striped mostly white flowers to almost-purple ones, it retains its original pattern: it's a different species than the Crocus vernus.Actually I appear to have at least four varieties of crocus in my yard, if not more:

  1. Crocus vernus or giant, incl the var Pickwick;
  2. Crocus minimus var Spring Beauty
  3. Crocus tommasinianus or early crocus (likely roseus var)
  4. Crocus chrysanthus or snow crocus, var Blue Pearl...


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