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Deep rusty red daylilies:
Vibrant colour, delicate form

I did a lot of post in this one (for me, anyway): selected the too-dark chunks of the red daylily in the left foreground, made a couple of masks of slightly differing sizes with feathering and then lightened & brightened the contents to make the flower pop a bit from the background. If you look at the full size version you can see an artifact in the middle of the center upper petal, but overall I was reasonably happy with my fiddling.

sony/macro 12jul22:10:30 f/2.8 ev +1.7, 1/250s ISO 100 WB: daylight; this one I did futz around in post, to lighten parts of the flower in the foreground.

These rusty-orange red daylilies with the elegant form, were, like the orangey yellow featured yesterday, a gift from Anne S, and clearly a very old cultivar, as they look quite similar to the similarly beautifully shaped species, excepting the deeper colour. They were a personal favourite of hers, and that association is one reason I'm very happy to have them.

sony/macro 12jul22:10:30 f/2.8 ev +1.0, 1/250s ISO 100 WB: daylight; cropped (mostly to hide my infelicitous framing that cut off the top petals slightly)

Closeup of the same flower, taken at the same time (literally, 32 seconds apart:), a 100% crop (if you click) just to show that I wasn't cheating on the colour editing, above. The light shining through those recurved petals, mmmmm!

My best guess for the cultivar is Sammy Russell, a 1951 cultivar by Russell. It's described by one gardener as an

heirloom daylily... a late blooming dormant diploid. It is brick red with a gold throat that extends out, star-like, onto the mid-ribs.

Well, mine surely has the gold throat! This seems to be a highly variable cultivar, so although mine doesn't look like the American Daylily Database picture, it did look similar to some other gardeners’.

She continues:

Give this fast grower some space or it will grow into the one you planted next to it.

This clump is fighting with heavy ground cover on my rather desiccated citylawn; I really need to move it somewhere better, but frankly it never would've survived this long if it weren't so hardy. Ironically enough the person who gave it to me lost all hers, but I was able to give some back, a reason for sharing your favourite plants if ever there was one:)


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