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on snowdrops...

We had rain, and then wind, all very apropos for March.

sony ILCE-7C, lensbaby sweet 35; center part of photo sharpened; cropped; scaled to 2000 pixels (since the original isn't that great anyway...)

There were some really nice raindrops on my snowdrops, so I took a brief break from weekend cooking to photograph them; but alas, none were really in focus,[1] and by the time I transferred the images from the card & looked at them, the wind had dried most of the rain.

C'est la vie, the snowdrops seem to be lasting a fairly long time, as it's been chilly for the insects that pollinate them (note that the buds are pretty closed in the picture), so perhaps I'll get to try again.

And if this doesn't do it for you, well, here's my favourite set of images, of snowdrops actually in snow along with a bonus sketchbook page; I also made a couple of black and white drawings, to fill up a sketchbook or for notecards.

[1]I really need to learn how to turn on the enlarge feature for the viewscreen when using manual lenses that don't do this automatically. It would save so much grief. Any day now...


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