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Stolen Treasure Doubles,
2023 edition of a fave

These are probably my favourite daylilies, so once again I'm featuring them, this time as doubles:) —I guess the root systems are getting bigger. (Or mebbe it's just because we had a lot of rain in July and August—I haven't had to water during either of these months even once)

daylily, cultivar ‘Stolen Treasure’, photographed 28Jul23, 08:37, Pixel Pro 6, f/3.5, ev0, focal length 19mm, 1/132s, ISO 124; cropped and colour adjusted (to reduce the oversaturation a bit)

18jul23, 09:20, PP6, f/1.9 ev 0 focal length 7mm, 1/456s ISO 45, cropped

21july23, 09:40, PP6, f/1.9, ev 0, focal length 7mm, 1/1058s, ISO 45


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