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Stella d'Oro
i wuv my camera, i wuv my camera...

I have a feeling everyone who knows me is going to get very tired of the ‘I love my camera’ refrain. I think I read on the olympus site about photographing stuff with raindrops on them, and this was just too perfect—really, it was one of those images that just works. (Obviously, I focused on that raindrop that was hanging off the fully opened flower.)

1/500 sec, -0.3ev, f4, 22jun10, 8:23am. zuiko 50mm macro, on an e-620 body. Manually set the white balance.

At least, I thot so:)

Special thanks to fellow beadmaker Susan Match-Hager, who gave me these flowers!

split garden2010 tag, added large version of image back in, 20jan2020; added daylily and photography tags, 18jul2020