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Gold and White Wrapping
from Page...?

So a year ago, I made a stub for this post, which included the file name and summary that implies Page.

2005 gold and white gift, which likely reuses Page's original scheme in its entirety.

Alas, a year later I've forgotten what the connection precisely was. However, she knows what bling is and is not afraid to use it, dramatically framing a lame gold fabric poinsetta with shiny, yet crinkly wide gold ribbon. Rather than using the ribbon to wrap the box, she's cut multiple pieces very short, with pointed tips, rather like a flower framed with leaves. This practice is typical of her style.

Also typical is the matte gold bow and the mesh ribbon; the former tones down the drama of the mylar gold ribbon, and the latter not only adds a subtle accent but also echos the lame. Once again the ribbon serves as a sculptural element rather than as “ribbon”. I kinda wonder, though, whether I stuck that white curling ribbon in there. Hard to say at this distance in time.

Relatively original design by sylvus?

Now compare it with my effort. The satin bow with the gold fabric ribbon is likely a component salvaged from Page, if for no other reason that I certainly don't do ‘shoelace’ bows (the gold) that neatly. The vintage dissected yellow ribbon is pure sylvus. I have a big box of silk flowers, and this gift shows my new-for-2005 trick of decorating gifts with loops of beads, in this case pearls. Not nearly as elegant as the above, but still charming, I think.

file created 5jan06