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Green and Red
Gotta have those traditional colors, now...!

What would Christmas be without kelly green and candy-apple red (and of course white) —green for evergreens, red for holly berries (and cardinals!) and of course white for snow. I find strong, graphic patterns and matte surfaces to be the most complementary to this color scheme, though of course a little of that trademark lime green never hurt anything. A more popular way to liven things up is with a bit of plaid.

Here are some gifts wrapped in the traditional Christmas colors.

This gift was fun because it was so big, which meant I could use bows too big and ribbons too wide for more ordinary-sized gifts.


And here's the top view of the same gift.


I thought the plaid ribbon and diamond patterned paper co-ordinated fairly well; that the curliQed pipe cleaner linked to the fuzzy penguin; and loved the matte white curling ribbon. The shredded yellow was probably mixed in with the green, but I find I use a lot of gold/yellow and silver in xmas gift wrapping.


I really like the graphic design of this paper. Its relatively flat and matte qualities made the printed bow and mixed fuzzy yarn good choices: I find both these elements difficult to use with the more typical shiny and metallic papers. I also love the contrast between the slightly wider high quality, extra-deep crinkle dark green curling ribbon with the thinner, more shallowly folded red curling ribbon.


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