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Vintage Ribbon, and
50s sensibility combine...

The fabulous illustration blog drawn has featured a number of scans of old 50s illos—the sort of thing that always make me think of my mother's retro china, or Hanna Barbera's Jetsons—and that's how I think of this candy-cane printed ribbon. To be sure, one can still purchase printed ribbon, but nothing this ug–, I mean this unsophisticated.

retro ribbon and vintage ornaments decorate a snowman motif paper. Dec 2005.

It caught the attention of the younger f2 generation, and happy it had found an appreciative audience, I wrapped a gift for same, matching the garage-sale find to some retro-ish looking snowmen paper. Note that I off-centered the ribbon between the snowmen. The white ribbon just looks old, but actually it's recent—it just had pins attaching it to fresh flowers in its previous life, and the pins rusted. I cut the worst of the stains off. The little red and blue ornaments, hot glued on, are authentically old, though.

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