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Blue Penguin Giftwrap,
Or, is it not perfect for winter?

I never thought much about penguins one way or the other, except a connection to childhood memories of them swimming underwater in the Detroit Zoo's penguin house, which I believe was highly thought of back in the days of my childhood, because of the observatory window that let you watch them swim underwater. It was pretty cool.

Since becoming a linux user, however, I've developed a rather greater fondness, or at least recognition, for them, though they, like unicorns, tend to suffer from terminal cuteness when depicted casually. But if it makes people sympathetic to their problems, well then, so much the better.

This gift is about the size of a hard-backed book, since that is fact the contents.

I thought this paper was very attractive; our local bookstore allowed some charity or t'other to come in and wrap books, free of charge, though you were welcome to put money in a tip jar if you liked.

I liked. As I've mentioned before I'd much rather decorate a gift than wrap any day, and they had nice selections. This was a birthday gift, so I selected something with a winter, rather than holiday theme. I thought it would be fun to decorate, and it was, but I'm so behind that the recipient got his birthday gift about six weeks late.

I used a lot of patterned ribbon: the flat is fabric, decorated with navy lace; the bow, though co-ordinating, is the standard plastic stuff. To add to overall visual confusion, um, density of the design, I also included my fave tricolor blue/green/aqua rose, on the upper left, there, and a sparkly holographic bow, plus a variety of curling ribbons in assorted blue-greens. Alas, the color on this was really weird—camera defaults for cloudy days just weren't doing it, and my further efforts at color correction in gimp helped, but obviously didn't completely fix, the situation.

Ah well. But as I mentioned in the introduction, now there's this wonderful blog gimperoo you can use to learn all sorts of fix-it tricks. Yet another item on my list of things to do...

However, I only managed to wrap two gifts for “2006’. —Actually, I managed to wrap no gifts for 2006 winter holiday season: I reserved two to decorate, but then failed to put the decors on till February of 2007. But I really wanted to decorate something, and since this is one of the two, I'm showing it, color deficiencies and all.

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