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2007 silver peacock giftwrap
a bit of elegance...

Not really certain why I never got around to posting this image—despite being shot at a low shutter speed, it's crisp and in focus (click on the image to see what I mean). Mebbe I didn't like the texture of the background. It's been a decade, so it's impossible to say, at this point.

25dec2007, shot at 1/8sec ISO50, canon 8400

Granted, the sort organic, victorian-era peacock feather doesn't quite go with the modern paper...mebbe this gift was to me, from my friend Page? The overall spare quality suggests this, as does the layout of the ribbon and bow (sort of like a prize ribbon)—a signature design motif of hers.

But I have these old posts to fill up, so here ’tis.


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