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2008 giftwrap,
resurrected with image processing

Continuing on with my cleanup, here's a giftwrap job from almost a decade ago, to ‘use up’ a blank post from some seven years ago:

Holiday giftwrap featuring flocked or velvet ribbon & flower, fabric plaid ribbon, metallicized gold bows and ribbons on metallic paper. Photographed approximately 12dec2008, nikon 8400. The image looks particularly soft but is somewhat sharper if click for full-size.

If this wasn't originally done by my friend Page, then it's almost certainly a revamping of her original concept.[1]

The flocked ribbon and flower, crimped gold ribbon and matte gold bow, has a luxurious and nicely contrasting texture; but I never got around to posting this beautiful gift. The problem was my photography: the earlier shots had much better colour rendition, but the angle was ugly. Later ones had a nicely squared appearance, but the petals of the flower retreated (even more) deeply into shadow.

So between these vaguely dissatisfying choices, the images sat on my hard-drive...until the desire to use up a lot of blank pages and significant improvements in gimp, coupled with a more powerful processor, made using the skew tool to square up the slightly angled image easy to do.

So this image has been processed to match the styling of some other shots, and cropped. It's otherwise untouched. (I would've lightened up those dark areas along the bottom, else.)

[1]The relatively sloppy wrap job suggests this: Page is typically more careful, and when reusing a pre-decorated paper, it's more difficult to get a tight, crisp wrap even if one isn't a slob.


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