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Blue Floral Giftwrap
mixing ribbons and flowers

In keeping with my usual, ‘gee the gift is really bad, so's I'd better wrap it real pretty’ this was merely some samples for a matching necklace. The beads were dead simple, but as usual, somebody else's beads, even really easy ones, can prove to be harder to copy than expected. I wasn't helped by the fact that I'm still have difficulties working the torch, because of the broken collarbone.

The gift pretty much fit into a 2x3 inch ziplock, but I packaged it in a computer power supply box to have more real estate for decorating—so the largest dimension was probably about 8 or 10 inches. Silk flowers, mardi gras beads, ribbons, and bows.

So I wanted to do a nice job decorating it. The recipient likes blue and is a big fan of lighthouses, so I used this paper my mother-in-law gave me ages ago (like, say 15 or 20 years past, back when I was really into xmas) to wrap it. That in turn dictated the color scheme.

Though I probably could've shot this in the light cube, I just thought it would be really pretty amongst the matching hyacinths, so I did that instead. Despite the sun, high winds, icky white siding in the background, etc...

The flowers had wires in them, so after clipping the stems, I bent them up at a 90 degree angle, using lots of hot glue to get them to stay in place. Then I (rather haphazardly, I'm sorry to say) filled in with curling ribbon, covering the stems with bows. The beads, which I should've done right after the flowers, went on last, and it wasn't till I glued one end down that I discovered a break in them; so I twisted the strands together to help disguise this flaw.

But it's been quite awhile since I've done anything this elaborate, so I was pretty happy with it, despite its flaws.

gift wrapped, photographed, 16apr10; file 17apr10


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