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Brown Translucent Red & Green ribbon,
poised between autumn and winter...

I've featured this paper before, though the gift shown was actually put together after this one, in 2012, though it retains many of the components of this one, such as the pink chrysanthemum and green ribbons (though it ditches the red ribbon in favour of a gold accent, and adds lime, always a fave:)

subtle xmas themed paper is decorated with a translucent poinsetta and green ribbons. From the E620/2011/20111220 directory.

It illustrates an interesting principle that even visual mixing of red and green —the leaves and flowers of the wide, slightly transparent ribbon—will make brown: wasn't till I was looking more closely (and at larger versions of the image) that I realized the widest ribbon was not, in fact brown, though it certainly reads that way in the thumbnails.

Another view, this framed without cutting off the bottom edge.

Original (created mistakenly) creation date: 2017-11-19T20:20:32


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