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Gold and Blue
Or, this xmas prezzie is really late

So JDftY kind of lost track, amongst the wrack of the giftwrapping area, of some gifts, one of which was for f2tY. JD wasn't certain f2tY would still want this particular gift, having received a somewhat different version of it from someone else, but f2tY did, and so I offered to wrap to lend a properly festive air. (Any excuse to leave off tax record inputs...)

The gorgeous blue and gold ribbon has been reused a number of times. This latest incarnation incorporates a blue snowflake, a star and gold creche figurine, lots of beads, and some brand new iridescent lemon curling ribbon[1] and some quite old blue ornaments. The miniature blue present was, like the figurine and star, some of the stuff I inherited after the wizard's aunt died. —In a way, it's kind of sad she had all these unopened goodies; but it's inspired me to try and use things a bit more, rather than “saving” them, a habit to which I'm also prone.

metallic gold and blue gift wrap. Assembled February 2013.

I particularly liked this “paper” —actually some sort of plastic—because all the glue peeled off of it without damage, making it completely reusable. It probably helped that I used the lower temperature setting, and though I had a little more difficulty getting stuff to stick, I thought preserving the wrapping well worth it.

[1]new in the sense it was unopened. It might very well have been given to me over a decade ago.