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Three strands of beads
because you can never have too many

Since I did sort-of xmas-y beads, today I'm doing sort an xmas-y wrapped gift (since it was photographed in early January, it was a tad on the late side for xmas!)

Olympus, with lensbaby ‘sweet 35’ Shot 9jan13, using a photo box and photofloods.

I tilted the gift up, because the first photo (shown below) was kinda boring. I've also come to the conclusion that this manual focus lens is much easier to use mounted on a tripod, with liveview.

The original styling. Too much emphasis on the badly wrapped end, as opposed to the ribbons on top.

I do like the unusual shape of the elongated green beads. The crimped gold ribbon was probably from Page—I love it, and re-used it a number of times, because I love the texture.


[giftwrap] [2013]