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A partridge in
the holly and the ivy...

The ‘portrait’ version of this giftwrap doesn't really show the focal, the bird. Well, it was xmas morning, I'm sure I was in a tearing hurry to get everything photographed before people started opening gifts (& it's quite possible the photography was sandwiched between wrapping & opening:) because there have been more than a few times when I was rushing to finish wrapping so's people could start unwrapping...[1]

giftwrap, shot 25dec2015; bird, apple, pine cone, holly, metallic foil stamped ribbon, holly paper with metallic foil accents

Here I was trying to be artsy, using the tree to convey a festive mood. The problem with this sort of photography is that focal point, the giftwrapping, can get lost amongst all the lights, reflections and texture embodied in the tree, resulting in a jumble, because I didn't have adequate separation of depth of field—this would've been a good candidate for the lensbaby...

giftwrap, 25dec2015: sony RX100—more of that unfortunate glare, le sigh...

But at least the bird shows!

[1]And yes, this bugged/bugs the hell out of my friends and family, why do you ask?


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