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Blue hoarfrost with Red,
a winter gift

Many years ago someone gave me some absolutely gorgeous paper with a leaf motif, celebrating the four seasons. I had a sort of blah gift for a dear friend, so I dug out this special paper for the gift.

silk flower, ribbon, plastic (the black stuff...)

Perhaps the wide blue ribbons, courtesy of my family's xmas celebrations, inspired me. I'm actually kind of limited with blue, since it's evidently not a favorite color, and I tend not to have a lot of it. The gift was for January 6 (yeah, I was kinda behind on the whole remembering to take it to the recipient thing) so that made the xmas flower, a poinsetta, appropriate, and it picks up the tiny hints of burgundy in the paper, as well.

Also, my ribbon ripper behaved, which is always a pleasant surprise. So I was pretty happy with this one.


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