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Large gifts
mean larger elements

I haven't actually started wrapping gifts yet (much) in 2019 so the examples are from prior years. This lot is from 2015.

I forced the perspective and cropped for a little tidier image: shooting very large gifts tends to be difficult, because I can't back up enough to get the shallow DoF I prefer.

This gift is a bit unusual in that I think I only had to decorate it, not wrap it: thus, the paper is new. Also, I don't usually get to work with elements, such as the pine cone, that are that large, which makes for a fun change.

Another shot cropped to emphasize the decorations. These images were made with my Sony RX100on 25dec2015

Oddly enough, perhaps the clearest image is one made after the gift was opened:

The velvet ribbon is vintage, possibly as old as I am...

I was sure I had pictures of other giftwrapping that featured that wooden and red felt snowflake (which has since broken, possibly to the point that I finally threw it out), but wasn't able to find any, so if I made ’em I evidently failed to record them. So here's a bonus pic of that gift with the mouse, which, sad to say, has some unfortunate glare:

Here's an individual shot of the little mouse decorated gift. Cute gift, terrible photography. I hate the way flash, even fill flash, flattens things out.


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