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Fantasy Floral
Denim & slate blue giftwrap

I was given some ...not quite beautiful but what I would perhaps call darling tchotchkes by my dear friend Page, with instructions to rehome them. As it happens I have other friends for whom the passion of “getting rid of stuff” is not quite so strong[1] which has the extra, added attraction of providing me excuses to do giftwrapping.

map paper, ribbon, bows, silk (& plastic[2] flowers. May 2016

Tbh, I wasn't thrilled with this effort, no matter how hard I tried (and hot glue I used) but someone else was specially drawn to this one, despite the larger and more dramatic pile of coral & turquoise ones. Which just goes to show that just because I think it's an abject failure not one of my best efforts doesn't mean others won't be pleased.

Another view. 18may, shot with the olympus/lensbaby.

As for me, I have been wanting to rehome these dark blue flowers forever, and was glad to match them up with someone who adores this colour.[3]

Third view, showing the back/top.

[1]Page could win prizes for this. Seriously.

[2]The little white baby's breath...

[3]Though like as not, they'll come back. A lot of my giftwrapping supplies do. So my efforts to declutter are not as uniformly successful as Page's.


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