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Matte Green...
with a bit of sparkle. (And pink)

I was asked to make a beaded gift for someone's crush, and, being the annoying person I am, I not only insisted upon photographing said gift, then gift-wrapping it, and then photographing the gift-wrap.

Gift wrap, photographed (& made) 5aug16. Wire-edged, raffia & plastic ribbon, paper with metallic accents. The box originally held tea, and so is roughly 2x3x5".

I particularly liked the paper, which has a rather felty, matte finish that contrasts beautifully with the short, (roughly 8mm) delicate metallic threads. Pretty sure my sister-in-law, who has excellent taste, was the one who bought it; and this is probably the fourth or fifth gift the household[1] has wrapped with this paper.

Next time I'll show the gift;)

[1]f2tY wrapped at least one gift with it...


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