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Silver wrapped red balls
sorta-temari, right?

In 2015 there were several large gifts decorated with this tan paper with red, white and brown deer, which I reused two years later.[1] I really like the focal point of this giftwrap job, the thread wrapped balls: looking at the large version of the image it appears to be mixed red and silver threads, with touches of metallic green: it's very simple, but the same basic concept as the Japanese craft of temari.

Lumix LX100, f1.7, 1/60sec 25dec2017

The dark brown or black ribbon probably had commercial printing on the reverse: such a subdued colour is rare to encounter.

Here's another view, shot at an angle:

fabric and curling ribbon, silk leaves, fabric ornaments, raffia. 25dec2017

[1]In 2016 we were out of town, so I didn't do any gift wrapping to speak of, not to mention that my camera(s), excepting my phone, were all on the fritz.


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