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Sky blue and snowflakes
with silver edging

I really liked this paper, which actually was a gift bag: so much that I deconstructed the bag so I could do a proper wrapping job with it. It would be perfect as a baby's xmas gift, since it has the baby blue and pale pink associated with infants, and the snowflakes and church steeples that would be presumed to go with xmas.

giftwrap, 24dec2019 assorted bows, gift bag

Of course, I haven't either christians or babies in my household, but fortunately, since I'm not a member, of say, an ancient Japanese court (where I gathered this sort of symbolism had to be dead on, or you could end up socially dead...) I don't worry when that sort of thing fails to match up (though I certainly attempt it if materials & time permits).

Closeup. Unfortunately, the autofocus went for the bar bow instead of the silver ribbon, though I think the image still useable, obviously.

At one time those so called bar bows were fairly popular, but I haven't seen them in a long time—this paper was so special I was willing to pull one from my stash, ditto the beautiful silver ribbon.

Another view.

A particularly lucky find is some pale blue organza ribbon that somehow or other got variegated pink stains on it, rendering it serendipitiously perfect for this project.


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