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Spring 'n' Fall
Map paper features spring-ish designs—in late fall

The 2 pieces in this post were done more-or-less together, and as such are 4th in a series I did for our library, and the largest. The idea behind the exhibit was to provide something to fill the showcases during December, for the holidays—so only the first two have any pretense of being traditional colours, not least because I'm lazy and for these I just recycled the decorations, adding some brown crinkle shreds to tone down the spring quality just a little for the first one.

map wrapping paper, silk flowers, fabric ribbon, curling ribbon, decorative crinkle cut paper shreds (ostensibly for packing)

This meant I could do this piece with a minimum of time and effort. I do like the way the blue checked ribbons, in two sizes of pattern, lend interest. Note, too, that the touches of yellow on the map co-ordinate with the yellow blooms, just as the blue picks up on the pale blue bits (representing water.)

map paper, silk flowers, curling ribbon, pine cones with white, plastic beads (xmas garlanding), fabric ribbon— 28nov18. Lumix LX-100

This one was photographed outside because it was too big for the studio, and in fact just barely fits inside the largest showcase. In the interest of making it more seasonal, I added the pine cones edged with white (to represent frost or snow;) & iridescent beads (which, being more-or-less transparent, are kind of hard to see.) The wide fabric ribbon, the pink curling ribbon (& perhaps some of the silk flowers) were almost certainly used in an earlier iteration featuring map paper.

I feel as if I should of pulled the flowers and ribbons out horizontally to flatten and spread that bit, but other than that, I'm happy with this one too.[1]

[1]In fact, I think I found the box it was originally made for, and so was able to just slip it back into place.


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