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A bit of Image edit
digs this floral giftwrap out of the archives...

So I shot this right in the beginning of July 2014 with my Galaxy S4, and while I haven't noticed a huge increase in the quality of dedicated cameras’ IQ, cell phones have improved by leaps and bounds: I never got around to posting this because it wasn't a great image to begin with, but worse, the version in focus had the flower at the top cut off.[1]

silk, plastic and paper flowers, ribbons, plastic beads, paper. Shot 2jul2014, image editing to combine two versions, with sharpening and colour/value adjustment, Dec2018

I don't know why it didn't occur to me just to paste a little bit of the blurry one along the top, since that part isn't supposed to be in sharp focus anyway (I probably had no idea how to make the overall canvas bigger, which to be sure, I just really learned how to do a couple of days ago.)

Anyway, a really good image editor could probably do a lot more to rescue the original than add the top bit, crop, brighten the colours & do a bit of sharpening. But it's good enough to give the idea. And unless you click to see the picture full-size, the effects are completely invisible;)

fixed pit/bit typo, 29aug2020.

[1]Now my one-plus offers complete manual control and RAW, yeeha!