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Blue & Silver
reversible ribbon mini-wrap

Though it's not obvious in the photograph, the silver ribbon is a beautiful cobalt blue on the other side. I think this ribbon was originally a bow, as it has notches cut into it every foot or so, which kind of limits how I can use it.

Giftwrap, fabric & curling ribbon, plastic flowers, plastic beads, glass ornament, paper; 28nov18, canon 60D, 18–135mm lens

I like the swiss dot ribbon almost too subtle to see, as well as the little silver doodad that came with the flowers. Some prior user twisted the carnival beads into a sort of flower/snowflake shape, so I just kept that. This is again a piece for the library exhibit, so it's small, perhaps 5" long.

I quite like this piece, it's festive and wintry without overt references to particular holidays.


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