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Tall white box
yields a cascade of stars

This gift, frankly, is kind of a mess. (That seems to be the theme...) —the awkwardly place wide ribbon, is, IIRC, there to cover up some advertising or other, and it kinda ruins the line.

tall, white gift with star garlanding, silver snowflake, magnolia silk flower, fabric, twisted, & curling ribbons. December 2018

Clearly I was also attempting to get that dark to light gradation with the lighting. Typically I can't easily shoot something this big in my own studio, and since I made the photo a year ago, I don't actually recall whether I draped a sheet here, or at school (where I was taking a studio photography class at the time.)

Despite the many problems, I do like the lighting, particularly the way the star garlanding stands out from the black background.


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