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Zigzag stripes
make a geometric base

My friend gave me this box because she thought it was pretty, an assessment with which I agreed; and without the difficulty of actually having to put something inside, I simply decorated the top for a display of gift decorating for our local library. I like the contrast between the geometric stripes and organic decorations, which feature rounded and curled shapes.

Giftwrap based on a tissue box, black shoe lace, with silk leaves, pipe cleaner, plastic angel ornament, beads, fabric, curling & plastic raffia ribbons, metallic bow. 2018. Canon 60 D, f3.5 lumopro flash

I happened to borrow a canon 100mm macro lens, and while it takes beautiful closeups, it doesn't appear to be optimized for greater distances the way, say, my zuiko does—the focus looks rather soft. Otoh, I think it has razor thin DOF, requiring smaller apertures. But yeesh, so heavy.


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