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Brown & burgundy
complements vintage wallpaper

For the 2019 holiday season I was a) home and b) didn't have a lot of other craftsy stuff to do, so I did a lot of giftwrapping. As I've mention in prior posts, I hadn't much in the way of wrapping paper, so a fair number of gifts got wrapped in some vintage wallpaper. (I say vintage, because it probably got installed when the house was built, back in the 50s or so—it's certainly brown with age!)

bog standard lumix LX100 shot.

I pulled some silk flowers to complement a particularly fancy mucha paper, and since I had the box open, put these on this gift for a bit of flair. Also, it's not obvious at this resolution, but those tan patterns on the paper are actually a subdued gold ink[1] ; so it made sense to pick up on that aspect with the decorations, besides providing a nice contrast to the dark wine coloured flowers.

the lensbaby version. I have a lighter exposure, but the highlights in the gold ribbon were blowing out, so I selected this slightly darker, more romantic version.

I wasn't really able to easily shoot the box head-on without a lot of distracting background, but overall, was so happy with this execution of doubled brown satin & olive green flocked ribbon tied around the box, burgundy and raffia, dark wine silk hydrangea w co-ordinating olive leaves & gold curling ribbon that I stuck a particularly favoured (& fantastic)[2] brass horn in as the focal.

salvaged wallpaper, silk flower & leaves, flocked, satin, curling & raffia ribbon, double-ended brass horn. 24dec10. Lumix-LX100.

[1]click to see what I mean!

[2]Fantastic, because it has out-going flares on both ends—whoever designed this was obviously not a musician...


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