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Brown wallpaper
sets up a hydrangea

I first featured the focal point of this gift decoration quite a number of years ago —it's a pretty flower, and now it had a nice base of hot glue to stabilize it.

2019 giftwrap: silk flowers, lace curtain tie-back, wallpaper, assorted ribbons, pine-cone, plastic snowflake. 24dec19, LX-100

I may have used the flower and its associated ribbons in the interim (i.e. sometime between 2004 and 2019) but if so I haven't any[1] records of doing so.

closeup: perspective & crop tools (to deal with the closeup distortion)

I thought this a somewhat romantic combo, so I also photographed the gift with the lensbaby:

E620, lensbaby, 24dec19.

Because I didn't have much in the way of wrapping paper—this is some wallpaper a friend carefully scavenged & then presented to me as a possibly useful item—and also because I threw out so much gift decorating stuff last year,[2] I finally decided it was ok to use the vintage ribbon that has been sitting around for years—in this case, the red velvet and brown (which is likely 40 or 50 years old); the lace tie I believe also came from the same friend's house.

[1]easily accessible, anyway

[2]Or early this; f2tE helped organizing ‘my’ side of the basement, a heraculean task that remains unfinished; however I did triage a lot of ribbons, which possibly explains why the flower, likely buried, was accessible in less packed drawers.


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