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enhanced by silver and blue metallic ribbon

I liked this paper better than the snowflake paper from yesterday (even though the former reads better, at least in the photo) and the bright white snowflake designs were the reasoning behind the brilliant curling ribbon. At the same time, I had some variegated blue to silver ribbon for which the blue (almost) perfectly matched the blue of the paper, so of course I had to use it.

metallic silver star garlanding, blue and silver metallic ribbon, bows, one fabric with silver pattern, curling ribbon. Perspective & cropping tools applied, 24dec19, lumix LX-100

Between those two parameters, it made perfect sense to fill in with white bows accented with silver, including the luscious fabric bow with the beautiful silver netting pattern.

I'm not at all certain this is as successful as yesterday's, but it certainly is better than the one shown 2 days prior, and was just fun to do because the of the opportunity to use rich, shiny components. (And, lucky me, I got some more of that silver star metallic garlanding, the thrift shop had it either in their giveaway pile, or for 25 cents...cheap enough for me to consider scavenged. That, along with some silver and black snowflakes for verticals means I should be having some fun next year with winter-themed gifts;)


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