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Raoul Dufy's paper
basis for a sunflower giftwrap

This gift was wrapped in late November of 2019, probably for a birthday, and like another I wrapped about a month later, uses some giftwrap paper based on designs by the artist Raoul Dufy.

Olympus E620, 1/250sec, cloudy WB, lensbaby. Raoul Dufy giftwrap paper, velvet ribbons, plasticized snowflake, silk flowers, bows, curling ribbon, some rippeddddd.

In other ways, however, the design is clearly another recycling of a sunflower themed decoration, which has appeared in earlier iterations in 2014 and 2015. (A 2017 design also features a [different] silk sunflower, but is an adjacent, rather than a recycled, piece).

1/250sec, 0 ev, cloudy WB, ISO 100, lensbaby.

In an effort to reduce the symbolism associated with some of components, I freely mixed seasons—spring forsythia, summer sunflower, winter snowflake, with a bright colour theme that evokes saturated reds and dark blues more likely to be associated with autumn than spring or even necessarily summer. Because the paper is so busy, I went with a very broad, plain ribbon to tone it down a bit.


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