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Blue blue blue
super-saturated blue hue

So my friend Page gave me the two ornaments featured yesterday wrapped in this box with a sort of holographic pattern, decorated by a single mylar blue bow, very tasteful.

Giftwrap; metallic hologram box, about 3.5–4" on a side, bows, ribbons, snowflake, beads, hot glue, silver cord; decorated & photographed, 26dec2020 lumix LX100, lumopro flash, 1/125sec, f8, -1.0EV ISO 200. Think I actually used the flash at 1/2 or 1/4 power.

I slapped her xmas present back into the same box and proceeded with my usual, if some decoration is good, more must obviously be better. —I was actually fairly restrained, for me, and managed to leave some of the patterning on the box still showing. Bonus, the stretchy silver elastic holds the box closed, and it can easily be slipped to the side so the giftwrap can easily be reused.

I was really chuffed with the fact that the snowflake matched perfectly. Why yes, I can be a little strange. Fortunately, this is not news to my friend, who appreciates such quirks;)[1]

Update 05jan20: edits so the first para actually makes sense...

[1]Or, at least tolerates them.


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