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Pink Pom Pom
some nontraditional materials & colours...

So this gift was wrapped in black paper with lettering in pink, lime, emerald, cobalt,turquoise and red with white snowflakes. I thought the recipient would be amused by the hideous pink pompom, (which matched the lettering) so that became the basis of the design.

wrapping paper, mylarbows, fabric, wire edged & curling ribbons, antique ornament, yarn pompom, hot glue, beads. December 2020

However, it was really too big for the box, so, since I didn't care about it, I sheared it a little smaller. Those ancient scissors I use for gift wrapping have got really dull...

Second view, showing the shreds glued to the side of the box

Never one to waste, I simply glued some of the clippings on down the side of the box, as shown above.

Photographed 25dec20 with my 5T oneplus phone. Cropped but otherwise unaltered: click for sharper versions.

It isn't all that often that we get a white xmas, but this year we did, so I took advantage of the snow to provide a nice background.


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