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Wide red velvet ribbon
is just a touch overpowering

I'm kind out of practise, doing giftwrap, and this was only my second effort, so this one isn't super exciting (i.e. not my best work); but compared to the average effort, I think it's still worthwhile. I do really like the graphic quality paper, not to mention the colour scheme: lots of white with the pop of red, contrasting emerald and lime (of course...) greens, the touch of black.

vintage velvet & curling ribbons, snowflake focal, bows, wrapping paper, hot glue

I used gimp's awesome-fun unified transform tool on both these images, but it does render the views kind of the same...it's pretty paper that I don't really feel I did justice to, because the wide ribbon overpowers the delicate design (though it does cover some flaws in the paper[1] . But hey, sometimes it takes a few tries to get into the swing of things.

Another view.

And it's only an ephemeral wrapping after all—it doesn't have to be perfect.

[1]Upcycling for the win...


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