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Henna Paper
with real henna...

This was a birthday prezzie, a (very) slightly altered book for an artist, whom I felt would appreciate the very much upcycled handmade paper: it started out as packing material onto which I discharged expired henna paste. Amazingly, after sitting in my basement for years, it neither mildewed nor (much) cracked off, and I decided it was (long) past time to use it.

giftwrap with henna paste on upcycled green packing paper; curling ribbon, silk flowers, sisal string, 27apr21, lumix; crop and colour adjustments in gimp

I put most of my energy into disguising the sorry state of the book, so didn't have a ton of energy left for decorating—didn't even bother to tape, let alone turn on the glue gun, which is why the ends are so jenkedy. Ah well. Even if the execution was sloppy, I liked the design, made from components scavenged from the top of my direly needing-to-be-tidied wrapping/work table.

straight down view, photographed & edited as above.


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