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Page's Robot Giftwrap
Aqua Elegance

Yup, me and my friends are still exchanging xmas gifts. COVID has drawn this, like so many other activities, out. This gift, which is just slightly larger than 5x8", was right at the limit of my studio setup[1] but I was mostly able to get a sort of spotlight effect towards the front, which I like.

giftwrap: paper, wire edged ribbon, bows, ornaments. Dec 2020, L Page Brunner. Photographed 22jan2021 1/80s, f/3.2, -0.3ev iso 200; lumopro flash (probably around 1/4 or 1/8 power) This image has my usual level of image editing applies—cropping, a bit of levels. (Possibly also some cloning & blurring to clean up the background)

However, in showing me how to add a watermark to my intagram/fb posts, Fran reminded me of those fun modes that Gimp has. The soft light mode adds a bit of snap to colour saturation:

Another view—this one has had the background cleaned up a bit, some curves applied, and then ‘softlight’ mode applied, and blended—I really liked the blacker background and more vibrant colour.

But that was actually my second iteration with the modes. I did this one first:

This mode is called ‘grain merge’.

It's much too harsh for most of the stuff I feature, but I thought it played up the metallic robot theme in a fun way, so here ’tis. And there you have it, three levels of image editing, from most subtle to brightest. Really, I must learn how to do RAW...

[1]As it was, I had to clone out a lot of annoying ceiling & side reflectors and the like.